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Patrick Creemers was always fascinated as a child by art because his mother Christian Deltour is even at this point, a well known aquarelle painter in her field. The whole house was always filled with nudes and still life paintings. Being a little boy, he wondered trough this world of fantasy and art. Patrick started to experiment with poetry and drawing, but never mastered the skill at such point that he was satisfied with the result. Wondering trough the burea u of his grandfather one day, he found an old Voigtlander he was only permitted to look at. “When the door was open” and no one was around, he inspected the camera like treasured gold and soon became the imaginary photographer of all celebrities. His father told him to learn a job because selling film in a shop is no future, and so he became an orthopedic shoe maker as he too didn't see himself selling film at the local Kodak shop, or in some train station. He forgot all about he's passion until he started to teach at the art school in Sint-Niklaas (Shoe design) where photographing the shoes created by the students, became an interesting twist of faith. Like a new world that slowly opened up, after buying a Nikon D70 he started to travel and take pictures of every interesting shot he could find. When he bought a Nikon D200 he became friends with Karl Louis who was interested in his inexperienced work that was produced, and invited him to a nude workshop in Sardine, ltaly. Since photographing nudes is very difficult, as skin doesn't lie about the captured light, he decided this was going to be a positive development for his drawing light skills. Over the years he tried to find his own personal signature in photography and became interested in Fashion, needles to say this might have been because of his teaching job. The D200 was sold and the D300 became a new toy in the world of fashion, he organised a trip to LA where he worked with Charles Lucima on one of his workshops and was dazzled by the portraits he made of all the professional models over there. The need for a full frame camera soon became a must, as projects came rolling in, the need for make bigger pictures was inevitabele, and soon the D3 and after D4 was a fact. Many countries and models became the focus of his endeavour, in this trip to discover his personality in photography. The Zimmerhof Hotel in Lier was the next project, where the entire hotel was filled with his pictures. Fashion One asked if they could do a feed with interview of the shoot "Digital soft light" BTS style .
After a stromy snow day when a model he knew contacted hi mand asked to pich her up at the Marc Lagrange studio he jumt in his car and met with one of his role models, the great but actually very little Marc Lagrange in his studio.
In July 2013 he was asked to do a exhibit ata fashionable and trendy restaurant in Faro Portugal called "Forte Feminino".
The sales manager of the Real Hotels Group was at the opening and asked if he was interested to move the exhibit to the Real Marina hotel in Februari.
As the portrets were liked very much in Portugal he started to become more and more interested in portret and asked Paul Van Hoeydonk tot o a portret of him which was a great way of meeting with the artist and his work in Weinegem.
In 2015 he met with Silvia Gobbel (Helmut Newtons muse) in Paris at the restaurant next tot he Louvre and had a very interesting brunch with her, wher she to show him his work and told him he could do a photoshoot with her, and even though he couldn’t find time to do this it is still a possible project in the near future.
Untill today, he experiments with variouse ways of capturing light in a soft way that supposedly according to sorne photographers, before could only be done with film. Soft light makes you wonder.
Or as he says holding a camera gives you the power to stop and enjoy the light with is what makes us see it after al.
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